STOP IVORY // Saving the Elephant

This s a critical moment in the fate of the elephant species and is one of our last chance to halt their extinction.

Over 100,000 elephants have been killed in the last 3 years, a pile that would reach the international space station

This portfolio is a photographic essay on behalf of UK charity Stop Ivory, in support of their aim of preventing the extinction of one of the planet's most iconic species, the African Elephant. The finished portfolio will exhibit at the CITES Conference of Parties in Johannesburg in September 2016. It's aim is to present a compelling case to decision makers at the moment they cast their vote on legally binding policy for elephant protection. If successful, it would lead to the closure of all domestic ivory markets worldwide

The portfolio of photographs chronicles not only the majesty of this beautiful animal, but also the extraordinary people with whom they coexist - conservationists and communities alike.

“In an underground bunker in Nairobi I viewed 140 tonnes of collected and confiscated ivory; $100 million-worth that will be burned in a symbolic ceremony in April,” says Middlebrook “Amongst the horde were some of the largest tusks that once roamed the savannahs and forest of Africa. If anything remains, it will be a subspecies with impoverished tusks – in an evolutionary war, it now pays to be small.”